This is the download for “igpayAtinlay”, version 1.1.0.

Download link: CLICK  (click link and press “CTRL + S”)

Download size: ~287 kB  (~1.35 MB uncompressed)


Program description:

A Pig Latin translator made for experimenting with the string library. 

Change log: 

  • Minor tweaks and added features
    • Completely rewrote the program due to issues with Code::Blocks. Whether or not this has affected the performance positively or at all is unknown as of 15th November 2014, 09:24 PM. 
    • Capital letters are now allowed: The program will simply output the word without the capital letters, except the first. For example, “hELlO” becomes “Ellohay”. 
    • Words that end up having two or more identical letters at the border between base form and suffix have one of the consonants removed. For instance, “yay” would translate to “ayyay”, where “ay-” is the base form and “-yay” the suffix, but is changed to “ayay” for less redundancy. I am unsure if I should keep this feature. 
    • The project is now called IAAP (Igpay Atinlay Anslatortray Project/Program) after the Code::Blocks incident. 
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where words, not beginning with ‘y’, but with consonants followed by ‘y’ would be treated like words that began with vowels (a, e, i, o, u, and to some extent y). For instance, the word “try” would translate to “tryway”.  


















P.S.: I actually have no idea what the ‘P’ in “IAAP” stands for. I forgot, LOL!


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