#008 – MPPrime

Once again, having returned to programming, the daring RudeGuyGames publishes another piece of garbage. For how long will he keep doing this? Most men would see the futility in his desperate attempts at creating something worthwhile, but he doesn’t care; he has no life and thus no fear of futility.

Version list:

  • Version “alpha 0.0.1”
    • Released: January 30th, 2016 [04:42 PM GMT]
    • Initial release of MPPrime, also known as “multiplexPrime.exe”.
    • Comes with simple arithmetic input calculator and base conversion.
    • Several features are missing, as is to be expected.
    • Download (1 746 783 bytes)
  • Version “alpha 0.0.4”
    • Released: 12th February, 2016 [11:28 PM GMT]
    • Second release of MPPrime, also known as “multiplexPrime.exe”.
    • New features:
      • Roman numeral converter
      • Factorial calculator
      • Oppish translator. Currently only supports English -> Oppish.
      • I think that’s it.
    • No purposeful optimizations. Any optimizations are completely accidental. Expect a few more microseconds on that CPU. That’s me trying to sound smart by working around that which I really should have said: “Expect more CPU usage, however minor”. Whatever.
    • Download (1,795,259 bytes)