GUI games

Here’s a shitty collection of games that I tried to make as functional as possible. They probably don’t work.

  1. RGGYatzy
    • A digital version much like Yahtzee with a few twists, and, by “twists”, I mean just playing with numbers differently from the traditional Yahtzee game rules.
    • Downloads:
      • [v. 1.0.0] – 132 KB (135,533 bytes)
        • Mostly doesn’t work. The help menu hasn’t been implemented, some of the game rounds don’t calculate points correctly, and the source code is ridden with variables which really should have been implemented in a way other than just placing them in the static… whatever it’s called. Space? Field? Scope? Gah! I don’t give a shit anymore!
          Oh yeah, and the game kind of just dies when you reach the end. By that, I mean there’s just a bunch of exceptions going on as the array containing the scores just overflows because of my spaghetti code and also because I’m too lazy to do anything about it.
  2. Scimath
    • Downloads:
      • [v. 0.0.01a] – 50 KB (51,681 bytes)
        • Incomplete test version of Scimath. Contains stuff like number factorization and a numerical expression parser which calculates the expression and outputs the result as a single number. That’s the part that uses the shunting-yard algorithm I bitched about a while ago. Okay, I didn’t really bitch about it, but whatever.