GUI tools

Useful or semi-useful tools with graphical user interfaces as opposed to that clunky text-based setup.

  1. “Live Pig Latin Translator”
    • Download here — 6 kB (5,948 bytes)
    • A simple Pig Latin translator with a graphical user interface. The text is typed into a text box and is output in another text box adjacent to the input box. As of now, it has the following capabilites:
      • Retaining capitalization of the first letter, as well as the whole word:
        • E.g.: “Phlegm” –> “Egmphlay”
                         “CREATE” –> “EATECRAY”
      • Retaining one terminating punctuation mark:
        • E.g.: “What are you doing?” –> “Atwhay areway ouyay oingday?”
        • Eligible punctuation marks are:   .   ,   !   ?   ;   :
    • To run the program, just launch the .jar file. The .bat file is not necessary.